Celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month with Meadowmont Animal Hospital!

DID YOU KNOW??? Bad breath is not normal for dogs and cats! The most common medical disorder among pets nationwide is periodontal disease and affects the majority of dogs and cats by the age of three years. If left untreated periodontal disease results in chronic oral pain and infection which can reduce your pet’s quality of life and lifespan.

Meadowmont Animal Hospital optimizes your pet’s general health with an individually tailored dental health care plan. As part of Pet Dental Health Month Meadowmont Animal Hospital is offering 10% off your pet’s professional dental procedure scheduled through March!

At Meadowmont Animal Hospital, professional dental cleanings and dental radiographs are performed under general anesthesia. We use a combination of ultrasonic scaling and hand scaling to remove tartar from the surface of the tooth and under the gum line, then polish the enamel and apply a protective barrier sealant. During each pet’s dental procedure we address the health of each tooth, root and surrounding bone structures with gingival probing and full mouth digital radiographs. The Meadowmont Animal Hospital team sets each patient up for long term dental health success with a home dental care program that matches individual patient needs with products approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council.

Check out the American Veterinary Medical Association for a video on professional veterinary dental cleanings at avma.org/petdental.

Don’t let chronic pain, inflammation and infection from periodontal disease impair your pet’s wellbeing. Let us help your pet by calling (919) 301-0520 or click below to schedule an oral health assessment today. Daily dental home care and professional dental cleanings can greatly improve your pet’s quality of life!

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