PennHIP Certified Radiology

PennHIP testing is a noninvasive radiographic (X-ray) procedure that allows your Meadowmont Animal Hospital veterinarian to assess the health of your dog’s hips. PennHIP testing can be conducted when your pet is as young as four months old to determine your pet’s likelihood of developing hip disease. The results are used to tailor a treatment plan for your pet to lower the risk and reduce the severity of hip dysplasia as your pet ages. Breeding programs and service dog organizations also use PennHIP tests to help them select dogs with ideal hip health.

PennHIP screenings measure the laxity, or looseness, of the hip, which has been shown to be related to the development of arthritis. During PennHIP screenings, pets are sedated so we can position their hips properly and get the most accurate measurements possible. Radiographs are then submitted to specialists at the PennHIP Analysis Center for evaluation of current disease and calculation of estimated hip laxity. Your dog’s data is entered into a database, and comparative information is provided based on your dog’s breed.

PennHIP testing can only be performed by PennHIP-certified veterinarians, so we are proud to offer this diagnostic capability to you and your dogs. Please ask your Meadowmont Animal Hospital veterinarian for more information on PennHIP testing today.

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