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Appointment Types
and When to Use Them:

Exam – Wellness/Vaccinations: For pets who are due for their annual/bi-annual wellness exams with the DVM.

Exam – Sick or Injured: For pets who need treatment for illness or injury.

New Pet for Existing Client: For existing clients who welcome a new pet into their household.

Technician Appointment: For well pets who only need to see a nurse, usually for a vaccination, labwork, nail trim, anal glands expression, or Cytopoint injection.

Reminders Explained:

IPT or Intestinal Parasite Test: Only requires a same-day quarter-sized fecal sample; appointment not required.

Preventative Health Screen: Annual bloodwork.

Senior Wellness Panel: Bi-annual bloodwork for those over 7 years old.

Puppy/Kitten Series: Puppies and kittens require multiple exams for vaccine series with the DVM every 3-4 weeks depending on start date.