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Our veterinary hospital’s mission for pet wellness is to promote a long, happy, high-quality life for your pet by addressing the needs of each life stage and using a whole-body health approach to catch disease early in the most treatable form.

With every wellness visit your pet will receive a comprehensive physical examination to assess body condition, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, lymph nodes, heart, lungs, abdomen, joints and coat. Your pet’s dental health is also an important part of whole body wellness. During your pet’s oral examination at our veterinary clinic, we will look for signs of disease such as gingivitis, calculus, diseased teeth and oral masses. Laboratory testing will be performed to assess internal organ health and detect parasitic disease. When disease is caught early, our veterinarians can often make simple changes to improve the quality and duration of your pet’s life. Our veterinary hospital is committed to providing comprehensive care for your pet and ensuring their health from head-to-tail.

Puppy and kitten visits are also essential in establishing a solid foundation for the health of your pet. Expect to bring your pet puppy or kitten to visit us every 3 weeks for examination, vaccinations, parasite screening and parasite control until your pet reaches 17 weeks of age. These visits are a great opportunity to discuss house training, young pet behavior, nutrition, early dental care, socialization and handling techniques.

We are proud to offer 30 days free health insurance to our patients with your visit to our veterinary hospital.

Young, healthy adult pets should have a thorough physical examination and laboratory testing every twelve months. Annual laboratory testing in young healthy pets includes complete blood count, chemistry panel, urinalysis and blood parasite testing. Intestinal parasite screening is recommended every six months by the Companion Animal Parasite Council.

In addition to a complete physical examination, our veterinarians and staff will assess your pet’s nutrition and activity level and help you adjust feeding and exercise to promote a long and healthy life. Our team will assess your pet’s dental health, create a home dental care plan and administer an appropriate professional dental cleaning schedule. A wide-range of dental services are all available directly from our veterinary clinic, so ensuring the comprehensive oral hygiene of your pet is as easy as possible.

Our veterinarians recommend that mature pets, those over seven years of age, schedule wellness visits every six months. Our pet health team understands that these pets need more frequent medical assessments to detect changes in organ function, mentation, reduced mobility and other age-related concerns.

Please tell us about changes in behavior, food and water consumption, urination, defecation, activity level, and mood, as these may be important indicators of discomfort or disease. Routine laboratory testing may include complete blood count, extensive chemistry panel, urinalysis, thyroid testing and parasite testing. During these visits we will continue to monitor your pet’s dental health. Dental disease seems to be more prominent in this age group, which makes home dental care especially important. Often the need for professional dental care will increase in frequency if periodontal disease is detected.

Nutrition Counseling: Proper nutrition is essential to support your pet’s internal organs, joints, immune system, skin and brain. It is extremely important to match the correct diet to your pet’s life stage, metabolism and medical needs. Let us help you to navigate the overwhelming number of specialty diets on the market with an educated approach.

Meadowmont Animal Hospital can provide you with nutritional counseling based on your pet’s life stage, physical examination and laboratory results.

Vaccinations: We believe in tailoring a vaccination program for each individual patient based on lifestyle and exposure level. Not all pets need the same vaccinations, so we make sure to personalize our approach and look at the long-term health history of your pet. Our veterinarians will help determine your pet’s ideal vaccination program by asking several questions about your pet’s home environment, activities, exposure to wildlife, exposure to other pets, frequency of boarding and professional grooming.

  • Our veterinary hospital provides a full range of canine vaccinations (learn more).
  • Our veterinary hospital also provides a comprehensive range of feline vaccinations (learn more).

Our local North Carolina environment provides us with lovely weather, but also allows parasites to be a problem year-round. Please remember to use your monthly heartworm prevention and flea-tick control every month, without exception! Don’t forget that the vectors that carry parasites, such as mosquitoes, affect indoor pets as well. Indoor-only cats are at significant risk for heartworms, intestinal parasites and fleas. Whether you’re in Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham or a surrounding town, your pet is susceptible to parasites and requires preventative treatments. Our veterinary clinic is prepared to help you find the right preventative solution for your pet, all year-round!

You can learn more about each type of parasite below:

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