Exotic and Pocket Pets

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Our animal hospital now offers compassionate pet health care for our furred, feathered and scaled friends. These exotic critters can be great pets and members of our family and as such we want to provide them with high quality veterinary care. Husbandry is a critical component to exotic critters overall well-being. Let us help modify and optimize their current set up.

Avian and Exotics - Veterinary Services - Chapel Hill, NC

Similar to our canine and feline patients, our exotic critters are unable to tell us what is wrong. To aid us in our workup we offer both imaging and laboratory testing for our exotic critters. A number of these critters are prey animals and hence are very susceptible to stress. To reduce their stress we have the ability to utilize sedation if needed to enable us to obtain vital samples for diagnostics.

Avian and Exotics - Veterinary Services - Chapel Hill, NC

Many of our small mammal critters, rodents and rabbits, have hypsodont teeth. Hypsodont teeth are continuously growing. At home, they need to be provided with food that is rough and aids in the grinding of the teeth to appropriate lengths. Sometimes due to disease process the grinding from chewing is not enough and can require manual intervention. In addition, we also offer dental cleaning with extractions if needed.

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Some great resources for food and husbandry information:

Oxbow is an exotic animal health company that provides food, treat and supplement options for a wide array of our exotic and pocket pets.

Mazuri is another leading provider of exotic and avian nutrition.

Lafeber is a great reference for basic husbandry information.