Preparing for Severe Weather


With the hurricane season in full blast, Meadowmont Animal Hospital has a few tips to help your pet stay safe during severe weather.

Tip#1. Microchip your pet! HomeAgain microchips are part of an advanced pet recovery and identification system that is recognized world wide. Over two million pets have been reunited with their families thanks to HomeAgain microchips. Placement of a microchip is easy, inexpensive and registration is lifelong. Contact us to arrange a quick microchip placement and we will register your pet’s unique microchip number with your contact information. If your pet already has a microchip please take moment to update your contact information. Remember to keep microchip numbers and pet photos on hand in case you and your pet are separated.

Tip#2. Pack a two to four week supply for your pet:
• Pet food, bowls and fresh water
• Daily medications and monthly parasite control
• Medical records with vaccination status
• Pet carriers, sturdy leashes and some fun toys
• Blankets and towels in case your pets get wet and cold.

Tip#3. Update your pet care contact list.

Tip#4. Bring your pets inside!

Whether you need to evacuate or you are stuck in your home for a few days your pet will be safer inside and with you. Visit for a list of North Carolina hotels that welcome pets. Boarding facilities require current vaccinations so call us now to update vaccinations if needed.

To arrange microchip placement, vaccination, medication refills or to get more help preparing for emergencies call us now at 919 951-7851. We hope you stay safe, warm and dry!

Dr. Ashley Robertson


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